The Annunciation

Luke 1.26-38

Malachi 4.2—But for you who revere my name, the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its wings.  And you will go out and leap like calves released from the stall.

Oh, Come, Oh, Come, Emmanuel v.3

Oh, come, O Dayspring from on high, And cheer us by your drawing nigh; Disperse the gloomy clouds of night, And death's dark shadows put to flight. Rejoice! Rejoice! Emmanuel Shall come to you, O Israel!

THE BLESSINGS OF HOLY COMMUNION  Second:  What blessing do we receive through this eating and drinking?  That is shown us by these words, "Given” and “poured out for you for the forgiveness of sins."
Through these words we receive forgiveness of sins, life, and salvation in this sacrament. For where there is forgiveness of sins, there is also life and salvation.


  The Annunciation  El Greco

The Annunciation El Greco