The Home Altar - For The World

to give the reason for the hope you have

The Word of God that we receive is meant to be spoken.  The Home Altar resources provide one Bible story, one Bible passage, one hymn verse and one quote from the Catechism for each week.  Here is my challenge to you: tell one person each week something from one of those four.  However you make use of them for home devotions (as the foundation of your home devotions or an occasional addition to them) take a look at them each week and find one person with whom to share something from them.  

Perhaps you like to sing.  Sing the hymn verse to yourself whenever and wherever you can.  Someone just might hear you sing Death you cannot end my gladness and ask you.  And then you get to share the hope you have because you are baptized in Christ who has conquered death.  

Perhaps you like to write.  Include the Bible passage in an email, or on a note you leave on your fridge for your spouse. Write it on the check for your waiter.  Write it in the front cover of a book you're selling on ebay.

Perhaps you like to listen.  Pray that a friend will unload their burdens on you and you will have the words to say to comfort them in Christ.  Don't be surprised if God answers your prayer.  

Use these resources to be prepared to speak.  There are only four things each week.   The benefit of there only being four for an entire week is that you can become really familiar with them.  I challenge you to share something from them with someone each week.  If you are not sure how well that will work (perhaps you are blessed to be an introvert) take the next four weeks as practice.  Keep these four that are offered each week in mind and look for chances where they could be offered to someone else.  God grant that you will see how many opportunities He has prepared for you. Seeing those pray that He will give you the courage to speak and He will. Remember He is your loving Shepherd. He knows His sheep and they listen to His voice and what an honor it could be for one of His sheep to first hear His voice through your voice.

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