Our Philosophy

At Sola Fide Lutheran School our purpose is to use God’s Word and his power to help our young people fulfill God's command to "Go and make disciples." In the light of that mission, we also provide our students with a well-rounded secular education to help them better understand and relate to God’s creation around them. We do all of this using theories of teaching and learning that have been proven effective by research and experience. 


Sola Fide Lutheran School exists to provide an education in which Christ comes first in every endeavor by working collaboratively with each family to equip every child to be a productive citizen of God’s earthly and heavenly kingdoms.

Our Curriculum

Christ comes first in our daily activities through Word of God classes, devotions, and prayers.  All core subjects are taught in multi-grade classes, enabling students to be challenged academically and develop individually. We use nationally recognized publishers and standardized tests and are accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International. We maintain high academic standards and small class sizes. We are also part of the second largest private school system in the United States (WELS).


Our Staff

We have an experienced and dedicated group of certified teachers, administrators, and parent volunteers. All K-8 teachers hold at minimum, a Bachelor's Degree in education. Each teacher strives to create a supportive and challenging atmosphere to encourage students to be their best using their God-given talents. We prepare our students for success as they advance from grade to grade, here and as they transition to the next level. Beyond academics, our teachers daily reinforce the importance of knowing God’s Word, strong values, and a caring heart.



Sola Fide is located in Gwinnett County and is easily accessible from Lawrenceville, Snellville, and Grayson. Our building is on Webb Gin House Road between Scenic Highway (GA-124) and Grayson Highway (GA-20). We’re just up the hill from The Avenue shopping center. We’d be more than happy to welcome you for a visit. Just click the Contact Us link and let us know what you need.