Instruction in the Christian faith

Faith comes from hearing the message. We know that faith begins and grows with exposure to the Gospel. Digging into God's Word on a regular basis is a must. Join us at one of these opportunities to study together. 


Bible Information

This course in basic Christian doctrine is offered on a regular basis both in a corporate and individual setting. It is designed to help people understand what it means to hold to Confessional Lutheran Christian Doctrine.

Sunday Morning

Every Sunday morning we meet at 9:30 AM in our school's Great Hall. We read and learn together with the leadership of our pastors.  


Starting in fifth grade, the young people of our congregation engage in a four year study of Bible History and Christian Doctrine. The fifth and sixth grade students study Bible History on Wednesdays at 7 PM.

Seventh and Eighth grade students study Christian Doctrine and the Lutheran Confessions on Sunday mornings as they prepare their hearts and minds to receive God's grace in the Lord's Supper


Each Sunday at 9:30 AM our teens meet and study God's Word. Their meetings have a distinct focus on building an awareness of how their faith responds to the world and its distractions and temptations.

Currently, the group is reading The Best Things in Life by Peter Kreeft. His book imagines Socrates visiting a modern college campus and helping students to re-examine the status quo.

Men’s Study

Pastor Berg meets with a small men's group each Monday. This group regularly discuss influential Christian writings in the light of the truth of Scripture. This group would be glad to grow with you!

Tuesday Morning

Every Tuesday at 10:00 AM, Pastor Berg leads a small-format Bible Study. Come, make a new friend while hearing all about God's grace.