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Meditate Day and night

The Word of God is spiritual bread and water.  We cannot live without it.  Well we can live, like we can live even when we skip breakfast.  But we are pretty awful to be around when we skip breakfast, and we are more easily angered, more prone to worry (and so on) when we haven't been feasting on the Word of God.  So set aside as sacred time for yourself with this life-giving gift of His Word.

If you've never done this before...

Now is the perfect time to start and this is the place to start.  Don't try to read through a few chapters of the Bible a day. Just like if you haven't eaten food in a week maybe you should start with some chicken noodle soup and work your way up to a turkey leg and a few helpings of mashed potatoes.  Simply take what is offered each week (a Bible story, a Bible passage, a hymn verse, and Catechism quote) and read/sing through them each day during the week.  

After you use them answer these four questions 1 What does God say here? (Not what do I feel like God is trying to say. Just plain and simple what does God say) 2 For what should I thank God based on these words? 3 For what should I confess to God based on these words? 4 For what should I pray to God based on these words?  That is called Luther's four-fold strand. It was his recommendation for how to meditate on the Word of God.  And it is golden!

Repeating the same Bible story, passage, hymn verse and Catechism quote, throughout the week allows you to see how His Word applies in all the different situations you have throughout the week. For instance, having the memory passage at the front of your mind throughout the week will allow you to see the depth of God's love revealed in that passage as it applies to what you go through Monday morning at work, Thursday evening at home, and Friday morning on social media.  

You can also consider getting The Lutheran Study Bible which contains notes for further study.  

If you've done this before...

Now is the perfect time to increase your time in the Word of God.  Consider His Word what it is - your spiritual food.  Think of a time in the day when you feed your belly but not your soul.  It might be lunch time or afternoon snack time.  Add these Home Altar resources to that time.  It could look like this: Monday afternoon snack time read the Bible story. Tuesday afternoon snack time try to memorize the Bible passage.  Wednesday afternoon snack time sing the hymn verse. Thursday afternoon snack time review the Catechism.  Friday afternoon snack reflect on them all and how good God has been to you in the week.

I would also recommend getting The Lutheran Study Bible which contains great notes for further study.

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