Our preschool programs emphasize learning and growing in God’s love. Please stop by for a visit or to talk to our principal.

4k pRESCHOOL for Age 4

Pre-Kindergarten curriculum is organized into several learning times and centers and is balanced between structured and unstructured activities.  Children learn about Christianity through Bible stories, Bible verses, and Christian songs.  We teach the principles of Christianity in a child’s language so that they may come to know, love, and serve God.  Other daily times and centers include: Outdoor Time, Language Arts Center, Math Center, Block Center, Art Center, Pretend Center, and Show & Tell. 


3k pRESCHOOL for Age 3

The 3K preschool curriculum mixes unstructured and structured learning periods. The Little Lambs schedule includes times and centers for Pledges, Bible Study, Outdoor Activities, Snacks, Hymns, Rhythm, and Arts/Crafts Time.  The class schedule is designed to separate key teaching times throughout the morning to keep the learning fresh, reinforce it through repetition, and accommodate the shorter attention span of a typical three-year old.