Elementary and Middle School

Students in our Kindergarten through Eighth Grade classes have opportunities to grow and learn inside and out of the classroom. The core curriculum in the elementary and middle grades is a living, changing entity. The faculty regularly reviews aspects of the curriculum and works to draw from the best ideas and materials available. We currently use materials from Northwestern Publishing House, Saxon, Rowland Reading Foundation, Write Source, McMillan/Mcgraw-Hill, Pearson, and Scott Foresman. We love to explain our curricular choices with current and prospective parents.

Students also take field trips a few times each year. We try to experience the best that the Atlanta metro area has to offer. Sometimes we leave the metro area for multi-day trips. Our K-8 students also learn by sharing their skills and time with the preschool students and our neighbors at Sunrise Assisted Living Facility. We believe that serving others is a great way to learn. We post pictures and videos from many of these experiences on our Facebook page.